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About kj Interiors
My goal is to use my S.H.A.P.E. (skills, heart, abilities, personality, and experience) to assist my clients in creating a home which fits their needs and personality on a budget they can manage. 

I inherited my love for "junk", and the talent for seeing something in it, from my grandparents.  My grandfather used to bring home anything and everything and I loved going down in his basement and seeing his latest find.  My grandmother had a talent for picking up an old broken  piece of furniture off the side of the road and turning it into a beautiful piece that has been handed down through the generations.  

When the economy turned and my budget no longer allowed me to shop for my own home, I turned the passion into a business which allowed me to enjoy the hunt, see the transformation, & watch the joy when someone else bought and got excited about putting the treasures into their home.  

Our painting team consists of myself and mostly female painters.  We offer a free consultation which includes assistance with paint colors & decorating, if desired.